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Get My Groove
Saturday, January 1, 2011

iOS • XCode • Progressive C • Flex • ActionScript • C# • Silverlight • Windows Mobile • Phone 7 • Android • Blackberry • QNX • iPad • iPhone • Web OS • JavaScript • Flash • HTML • Playbook

Get My Groove, LLC, dedicated to bringing the highest quality audio products to mobile devices from Windows - PC Based systems, to the iPhone, and everything in between.

This project was the founding basis for several cross platform development lectures that have become a staple process to follow for mobile development to hit ALL platforms. Using Adobe technologies, and cross compiling to iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and Blackberry, then using an easy to port process to compile for Phone 7 and Web OS, the Get My Groove project set the stage for a process that does what other consultants don't do: Handle all systems natively.

Download the marketing application "Get My Groove Cowbell" from your devices app store now!

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