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Jeremy Tellier
Professional Information
1994 to Present Day

I began my hobby in the computer world as a young child tinkering with Apples and half broken IBM computers, creating small animations and light games like mazes to play using the basic programming languages provided by the manufacturers.

Professional Career

After High School my career began when I took a job at a local call center Harris Interactive. I started out as a tech support professional but quickly used my programming skills to develop the departments intranet, which was used to track various issues and "How To's", mostly internal content for interacting with the customers.

I left Harris, after the department disbanded and joined Optical Gaging Products, a mid sized manufacturer of metrology tools. It was here that I really believe I became a designer. I was given the freedom necessary to research new tools and languages which my serious focus became the world of Sun Java and Macromedia Flash. I started creating animations to accompany my programming and started getting direction on good design practices. It was here that projects like AG Slides, RAM Optical, OGPNet, TeamOGP, QVSI, and View Engineering were conceived.

Moving forward I took a job at the University of Rochester, leading development for the Medicine Computing Team, this team consisted of an elite group of next generation thinkers and IT Professionals financed by the chief of Medicine whom later became the CEO. At U of R my focus was on C# and the DotNet Framework. I invented a system by which allowed for extremely easy LDAP management which gave me exposure and the experience I needed to help Macromedia fix their CPS Server LDAP issues that the original release was riddled with. My Contribute Publishing Server Rebuild became the preferred installation across the world for CPS deployments. I went on to create a corporate intranet that was fully customizable by the user similar to bing or igoogle whom at the time were just beginning to create customizable interfaces. This interface allowed for users to create their own modules simply by publishing a web service that exposed its data as an HTML string. A Patient Information and a Cardiac Rehab card swipe tracking system and some integration with medical systems and a managed web site information architecture rounded out my projects at Strong/U of R.

Although I continue to this day to consult for the University of Rochester I have moved my profession to become a Research & Development Technologist for Paychex, Inc. At Paychex I introduced and fore-fronted the next generation initiative to use Flex as the development tool of choice by the UI design team. I develop Flash prototypes, iPhone tools, windows mobile bar code scanning utilities, and a video publishing system for corporate users.

Personal Career

In late 1999 I started "Distinctive Productions" as a means by which for me to execute on jobs coming in by word of mouth referrals and by 2002 I had partnered with Binarian to deliver some of the most compelling projects I have had to date. These projects consisted of a city specific content and video management system using asp.net and flash streaming server, to a Windows Mobile remote backup and control system, and a Live HD Concert Streaming site. Distinctive Productions, not ever being registered as a business and even though I do have an array of sub contractors I typically employ, has grown into my personal portfolio of projects.

In February of 2008, I was presented a business opportunity to buy in on a 25% stake in the Backstage Media Group in order to lead and be in charge of development for the various offerings the company was engaging in, including nuplay.tv and the engage server platform. We are currently seeking Venture Capital in an effort to help expand this business and we are currently looking at a first quarter of 2010 to have nearly 100 clients.