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Engage Server - Community
Monday, September 1, 2008

HTML • Flash • ActionScript • Javascript • Flex • SQL Server • ASP.Net • C# • Actieve Object Architecture • Engage Server

The Engage Server Product required a demo site for users to test the social community software that is becoming a standard part of the corporate web sites all over the world. The Engage Server offers corporations the functionality of a full featured social community including video/media management, friends, social groups and events, and content management.

The Engage Server is built on the dot net platform and utilizes Flash Media Server 3.5 for video broadcasting. The Engage Server has its own homegrown Encoding Server built on the popular ffmpeg open source project that can be installed across many servers to distribute encoding tasks.

Unlike other social networks the Engage Server platform also has functionality to allow your users to handle e-commerce interactions using the Shopleaf Integration API.

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