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Sunday, October 1, 2006

HTML • Javascript • SQL Server • ASP.Net • C# • Actieve Object Architecture

ShopLeaf.com is a site that provides artists and craftsman the ability to sell their warez online absolutely free. Unlike competitive sites like ebay and etsy there is no charges for the seller to use the system. The site uses classic brick and mortar markups of varying percentages in order to make a profit from sales.

Shopleaf links to all the leading shipping providers like UPS, USPS, Fed Ex and DHL to provide the artist with service from their location to the purchasers address.

ShopLeaf, unlike its competitors has a payment verification system in which payment is secured prior to the artist sending the item to the customer. This provides a level of security with its clients and customers that ensures that all parties are satisfied with the transaction prior to any money being granted to and from either party.

ShopLeaf was written in asp.net C#, it utilizes AJAX and Flex/Flash technologies and is built on an MS 2005 SQL Server Database.

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