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PINS - Patient Information Note System
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

HTML • Javascript • Ajax • SQL Server • ASP.Net • C# • Actieve Object Architecture • DHTML

Strong Hospital required a system that could allow the various emergency departments to properly communicate a patient as they moved through the hospital. A system that would not only work out the proper logic to who should be contacted about the procedures and complications of that patient, but also page out the proper doctors and nurses when an issue occurs.

The system implements a logic structure easily modified by the system itself. With just a few clicks of a button, the work-flow and operations of the note system can be updated by any administrator. Further more, peoples shifts, on call schedule, and paging information provides easy to access features for the users of the system.

PINS was essential in replacing a dated system that required actual physical pieces of paper to be passed around on the patients chart. It prevented error in that information would not be accidentally removed or lost, and it sped up the time spent by doctors and nurses in figuring out who they have to visit and when.

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