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AD Tools
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

JSP • Java • Servlets • HTML • Javascript • SQL Server • ASP.Net • C# • Actieve Object Architecture • Web Services • LDAP • CFML • Cold Fusion • Active Directory • Exchange Server • ACL

Active Directory Management System

Active Directory Tools for the University of Rochester provided an extremely simple interface into handling the creation, removal and modification of users and students domain account, email addresses, passwords, computers, network drives and transfers. The system saved the University countless hours of operation by creating work-flow tasks associated with common items managed by IT staff, and pushed the responsibility to the unit managers to handle the users information based on a system of templates defined by the IT Administrators.

The system allowed for approval of account creations, email creations, and terminations for a user. It allowed the users themselves to reset unknown passwords simply by answering some previously defined security questions, and it allowed help-desk staff to reset users over the phone by answering a single control question.

The system was built on the DotNet Framework and provided not only a Web Service interface into its functionality, but also a Java Control, a Cold Fusion Control and a remote DotNet control for adding status and task lists to an associated intranet site.

This system became the first 100% accepted system across all of the units at the University of Rochester and is used daily to process thousands of user requests.

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