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Mobile Device Backup
Friday, June 1, 2007

HTML • Javascript • SQL Server • ASP.Net • C# • Actieve Object Architecture • DotNet Compact Framework • CEDB

Mobile Device Backup provides a remote backup application for Windows Mobile based smart phones and PDA's. Using said tools a customer can set what they would like backed up, including contacts, images, documents, presentations, databases, or any file they desire. These files are then shrunk down, encrypted and transported to the Mobile Device Backup Servers for storage using the customers wifi or cellular connection.

The software was built on the Microsoft Dot Net Compact Framework to run on any Windows based portable system capable of loading the framework. Builds are available for Windows 2003, WM5 or 6 and should be compatible with future releases of the Windows Mobile product.

The Web site allows for easy management of backups and restoration of files along with tools download the information to a desktop. It was written in ASP.Net C# and stores information in a SQL 2005 Database Server.

This application implements a fully custom CEDB relational database management system that allows the controversial database volumes to be re-indexed and restored, a task touted by even Microsoft personnel to be impossible given the api's that they provide.

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