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HTML5 - Not Enterprise Ready
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Report From Adobe MAX 2011 

HTML5 is aligned with Adobe Tools, although HTML5 itself won’t be ready to replace flash for another 3 years.... Quote from the Product Manager "By that time Flash will have 3 more years of advancement". Although strongly supported, HTML5 does not appear to be a decent cross-platform replacement to Flash, especially since Flash compiles to iOS, and planned for Windows Metro, what was once thought to be platforms that would be the “death of flash” will never have traction especially if IE < V9 remains a viable and prominent browser. Being a Flash evangelist for years, and attending a ton of HTML5 sessions: HTML5 seems to be in the “tinker toy”, “banner advertisement” stage that flash was the primary 7 years ago. All in all, HTML5 has a ton of catching up to do, and may make a great place for Mobile development, it is not anywhere near ready for the enterprise.

It all comes down to cross compatibility...

In practice, developing an html5 application even yields different results on various revisions of WebKit, which means even Android, Chrome, Safari Mobile, and Safari Desktop do not have the same results, not to mention IE9, Firefox, and Opera, all of which run the same for Enterprise Flash Applications.

Apple, Microsoft, Google are doing it....

If you are one of the people doing "it" because the "big boys" are doing "it", maybe you should take a step back, and really look at what you need to accomplish. HTML5 applications take up to 4x as much time, and still do not give you 100% user coverage. So why are you moving to HTML5? Just for iOS? iOS doesn't even have the
mobile market share anymore, and Flash compiles to iOS.... So why are you doing it again?

As far as this guys is concerned....

I will stick with Flash as my platform of choice to recommend to enterprise organizations, and if and when HTML5 works the way it should, I will be ready with an array of Adobe tools that will make the transition as easy possible.

I could hint towards some of their future tools, but I think I am under NDA, let’s just say I am not at all worried about porting tools and IDE's when the time comes.


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